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trigger warning

Fun but addictive and trigger warning

Inappropriate Ads

This game would be 5 stars w/ no ads. Many of the ads are also inappropriate where I don’t even want my eleven year old daughter playing it.


Yeah this game is really really fun but as a lot of other reviews say; the ads “ruin it”. They for ruin it but there r a lot this game is great tho but after you’ve played it for a while (like me) it gets kinda boring cuz it’s the same thing over and over again. Like I’m at level 64 and it’s getting on my nerves cuz it’s the same as level 10. Literally this game is so easy my highest score is almost 70,000 and o could’ve kept going with watching an ad but again it’s so boring after a while. If u don’t mind ads and the same thing again and again than this is the game 4 u!

Cool I guess

To many ads but fun

Helix opinion by Jacob

This game is super fun but it needs to have more time and then it’s a great app.


This game is so fun and I love it but I have all of the skins except the 5 day one! How if it possible that I have the 7 day one but not the 5 day one?? It’s so annoying because the 5 day one is the last one I need to have them all


I love the game but it glitches and says my high score is 73 but I’m on level 244 and I could never see my real high score .I play this game every day it’s very addicting.I would give it a 5 star rate but it doesn’t tell me my true high score.

This game dodo

This game trash its mucho hard


This game would easily be a 5 star if i wasn’t watching ads more than playing. Sometimes at my job, I don’t have much to do so when I started playing, I would die often and each time an ad pops up and nearly deleted the app if it wasn’t for me acting a little better and actually surviving.

It’s pretty fun just some problems

There are many many ads it’s annoying and makes the game less fun, I’m not going to pay $2 when they could just do less ads. There are glitches when you down between the obstacles. Overall it’s pretty fun

Highly recommended

Simple and addictive!

Ads, Ads, Ads

I’m not sure at this point if there even is a game to play. Just an app that you can watch ads on. Could’ve been an awesome game, but the ads are crazy. I’ve never played another game that has had this many ads.


Me gusto este juego porque es divertido y muy difícil


The game itself is very fun but it has so many ads!! It gets really annoying to the point where you just don’t want to play it anymore! The only time they should have ads is when you can play for longer!

The best

I love this game but you should not have red spots so little kids can get to the other levels but I love this game


Very fun




Delete THE ADDS!!!! They don’t make since and they come on all the time!!! I love this game No adds please listen


This game is super fun and addictive but there are waaaaaaay too many ADS. One time I was playing and in the middle of the round a freakin DRAW IN AD POPPED UP!!! I was 99% done with level 60!! anyway, great game for its sake but voodoo needs to work on all the bugs. :(📱

Level 252

This is a pretty fun game, but it gets boring after about ten minutes. It has a lot of ads, but all free games have ads. It’s really just okay, because it doesn’t have anything to make it more fun or interesting than other games.

Too many ads.

The ads ruin the experience. For one, the appear every time you fail. For two, most of them are in landscape mode (the game is in portrait. It’s hard to play a game when you can tell the devs are milking you for cash.

to many ads and to much lag

Overall it’s a cool concept, though poorly executed. The developers put so many ads in that it becomes a complete headache. If they put more thought in the ad placement I wouldn’t even mind having a few ads. But almost every time you die, would you look at that an ad. By the fifth level I just deleted it spent about ten minutes and the lagginess plus the ads rendered it unplayable.

Great game-WAY TO MANY ADS-here’s a way to get rid of them

This game is extremely addicting and really fun to play BUT there are so many ads it’s unbelievable. As soon as you fail or pass a level there’s an ad so really it’s a lose-lose situation. I have read reviews that just say spend 2 bucks to get rid of the ads because it’s not that much, but for someone who has been searching for an entirely free good game I have to pass. There is a way to GET RID OF THE ADS FOR FREE all you have to do is put your phone on airplane mode now this is super helpful for when I want to play and I’m not expecting any important messages. Overall it’s a really great game but the ads are enough to make me consider deleting it.


My game has been glitching since yesterday but other then that great game.

ما ادري

الرجا تخفيف الحمراء


If you’re like me, I got the game purely out of boredom. I ended up liking the challenging game, but there are WAY TOO MANY ADS. I don’t want to waste 3 dollars on this game that I probably won’t play in 2 weeks anyways. It glitches too much and I feel like it shouldn’t be based on just one level at a time. There should be different modes to beat it and make it more fun.

Addictive, but glitches causes score issues

I really like this game. However, I have two major issues. One: I’m pretty sure the levels just repeat over and over again. It doesn’t get harder More importantly: once you get to 100,000 it just rolls back to 10,000. For example: my score was 97,167. As I accumulated more points and crossed the threshold, it didn’t add another zero. It just rolled over to 10,000. This is extremely frustrating. I once got a high score of 400,000+ so it’s inconsistent. I’ve also noticed that it will only add about 40 to the score as you break through platforms, even though it will flash +350 (or whatever level I’m on).

Ad lies

Now,ppl say that ads come up when you die,or pass a level.Nope.Complete lie.Yes,there are a lot of ads,but they make money off adds.Because this game is free,they wouldn’t have any way to make money besides donations,which doesn’t happen very often.Plus,it’s only 2 dollars people!!!Stop whining about 2 FREAKING 💵 Your best bud,Aidan


This game was doing super good. I got to level 800 and it started freeezing in the middle of the game.

Too many ads!!!

This is a fun game but there is one problem...THE ADS!you get at least two ads every round you even get ads in the middle of a round this is a major issue I mean it would be ok if there was a ad every two or three rounds but at least two ads per round! That’s just really annoying and frustrating. I hope the creator of this game reads my review and makes an update about less ads. Thanks for reading my review. THE END

How to get rid of ads!!

All you have to do is go into settings and turn off cellular data for this app. And then while you play it just turn off your wifi. Then you can turn WiFi back on when not playing. That way when the WiFi is off, your phone runs off data but because you turned cellular data off for this app, it has no way to connect to the internet to play the ads. Easy

I love u guys

Please give me more games like this more often plz


The game is cheering

This is the best game of all time

Except one thing. All levels are the same

Best Game ever



This game is so good I’m addicted

Way to many ad’s

Could tone the ad’s down. You’ll want to delete after 5 mins. With 4 of those spent on ad’s.

Worst game in the world

It’s terrible

Fun, but the Insane Number of Ads make the game glitch.

The Ads make the ball glitch so you don’t know where the ball will actually go. And I’m sure the developers don’t care.

Why are there so many ads

I’m terrible at this game so obviously it’s a terrible game (I’m just kidding it’s a good game, just too many ads)


Try turning off your data/wifi before opening the game, this way no ads load

Great game but

The ads are killing me I almost got 1 million on it but a ad block me from clicking on the second chance

Ads are excessive

Downloaded the game, played two rounds for maybe 25 seconds and then a 15 second video ad popped up.... nope nope nope, not even 3 seconds into the ad and the game was deleted.


So many ads!

Interesting game

It’s a really fun game it’s really frustrating and hard but very fun👍

Review that don’t matter just doing it cuz I’m bored

Well...it’s coo


A great game but I don’t like that it has ads

Review of helix jump

This is really fun but hate the ads but overall 5 star this keeps you active and not bored I love this game


This game is soooooooo nice


this game glitches, lags, and freezes way to much. other than that i totally recommend it! because it’s really fun to play when it’s not complete lag or frozen.

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