Helix Jump App Reviews

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Was at 7,500 points and your app quit on me :(( so upset because it didn’t even add my score to my current best ... very sad and disappointing

Rip off!!

I'll admit, this game was addictive. Addictive enough that I paid the $2.99 to have no ads. Because the free version is so full of ads it's practically unplayable. BUT now even after I PAID for no ads, I'M STILL GETTING THEM. It's absolute BS and I want my money back!

The ads are horrible

I paid $2.99 to get rid of the ads and I still have them just as much as before I paid!!!! If I have to put up with a ad every time I miss I want my money back!! It didn’t stop the ads??? What’s the point????

Too many bull ads, but still a decent game

I still like the game a lot but the ads are filled with nothing but bull! They are bull actually. I like the portion where you actually play the game, as in twist the platform and get it through the openings without hitting the secondary colors

Got worse with the update

Last week I really liked the game. After a couple failed rounds you’d have to watch an ad but even that ended with longer play. Now with the update the ads are more frequent AND theres a window ads at the start of each round which is completely annoying. I’m deleting the app sadly.

I pay

I pay for no ads and with the new update I get mini ads. I want a refund!

Glitches and ads

I still play this game a lot but the ads ruin it. Also I get so many glitches with this app. I thought it was only me but my friend said he’s experiencing the same thing. It makes my iPhone restart so many times. In 10 min it glitches 5 times aleast!

Too many ads

I always get ads in the middle of games. And after I watch the ad for second chance the game makes me lose. Can you please fix it

Fun, until your battery dies

Love this game but it drains the phone’s battery more than any other app I have. I can watch ten 40 minute episodes on the Netflix app before charging my phone on the plane, but this app kills my battery in half the time.

Purchased app and STILL ADS!!!

How dare you?!!! The main reason I paid $2.99 was to get rid of the ads. With the latest update you again inserted mini-ads at the beginning of each round! That is such baloney! Shame on the developers! I will never support you again!

Really good game

So I played it 5 times and it is a really fun game. The ad that many player hated about was only 15 secs long for me, though I wish I could 5 star it, there is a problem where when you go see an ad, the screen goes dark and nothing happens, so I can’t continue and have to reopen the app.


Hello,my favortie game I just wanted to say the person ho made it I cool.

Great game

This game is a ton of fun but the ads get in the way so bad. I even paid for ad free and I still get tons of ads!

Too. Many. Ads.

I paid for ad free but am still inundated with ads. Stop peddling your other sh*t games when I paid to not see it.

Fun for awhile

The game is fun at the start, but after about level 20 it all seems so repetitive. Colors repeat and there are no other saving aspects of the game. Maybe there should be different patterns or something, each level is so easy for me(level 225 currently). The ads are also ridiculous, there’s so many which also are an experience ruiner.

Time Killer

This game is so good I love playing this game on my way to school


It’s an addicting game but when ever you get an add for some reason on iPhones it sends me to the App Store can u please fix this

The amount of ads is ridiculous

I cant believe the amount of ads this game has. Its such a beautiful game but after every fail OR win you get an ad and a LONG one. Today they added video ads to the main screen where the ball is bouncing and youre about to start playing. This was the last straw for me. Such a shame

Why I like this game

This game really makes me think about what side to go on.

Please fix this.

After I downloaded the game and tried to open it, and it open for two seconds then closed. I was looking forward to playing because it looked like fun, but I can't even open the game.

Pay version still has ads

After the most recent update, there are mini ads that show up on the side of the screen at the beginning of each level until you start to play. Why pay to eliminate ads only to have new ones inserted anyways? Ripoff.


Over all I still love this app!😍1st after when I die like after five time I die a add pops up and takes for ever for the ex to pop up on the adds 2nd it’s a little to addictive it makes me miss out on small things cause I always want to play it overall 2nd is just a joke don’t make this app less addictive 3rd there’s no way you can make it pass some levels they are so confusing it seems like there’s wrong colors everywhere 4th all there is is adds adds adds adds and more adds a lot 5th it’s time to say something good about this app I LOVE IT SO MUCH there’s no way I can delete this app it’s so addictive and fun no matter what I will never stop playing this no matter how much adds and adds and adds and more adds I will never ever stop playing this app!😃


This game is soooooooooo addicting I LOVE IT

Good game but

Just started playing, it’s really addicting but it gets a lil slow and there are many ads

Ads don’t remove

Paid to remove ads, got smaller didn’t go away. Fun game ads ruin it. Skip this one.

ADDICTED!!! Chill bout the ads, its not that bad

I’ve had it for about two weeks and I’m on level 233 and that number is rapidly changing. I am obsessed with it. And if you keep complaining about ads just go on airplane mode... Anyone wanna see if they can beat me??? 😜


Wayyyy too many adds. This game would be awesome if it wasn’t for all the adds

Helix jump master

When I saw this game I was like I have to get this

Game is great. Greedy with ads.

I have fun when I can play the game. I spend about 30/70 of my time play/watching. Just did the update and now they even shove an ad in my face as the ball is bouncing after I just closed out of the two prior ads. I love making money too but don’t get greedy. I won’t spend the $3 purely out of principle at this point.

Great game but too many adds

It a really great but it has a lot of adds and I have OCD so that definitely gets on my nerves 🙁👍

How i feel

Its ok i wish the could put music to the thing


This game is very slow!

Love it! ❤️

I love this game SO much! It’s so addictive and fun! I like the whole concept of having the ball drop down while avoiding obstacles! Out of all my games, I play this one the most. I am at level 40 right now and I still can’t stop! Plus, I love the new update, which instead of having the add take up the whole screen, it haves it on the side in the beginning (even though it wasn’t bad in the first place) (*cough cough* other reviewers) Anyway, I love this game and it deserves nothing short of 5 stars.


Level 180 something

Horrible app

This app is horrible, you can’t go one minute with an ad popping up.

Ads even after purchasing no ads

I think it is ridiculous that this developer would put little windowed ads on the home screen even after I spend the $2.99 to not receive ads. RIDICULOUS!!! They call the last update “bug fixes” and all that did is add ads for people who actually support them with $$$!!!! I won’t be supporting this developer any more.

Airplane mode

ATTENTION: if ads are annoying then just turn on airplane mode and then there will be no more ads popping up every second. It makes the game less of a burden.

Amazing helix

You get to have so much fun in this game but your not moving the ball your moving your brilliant mind 😃


This game has too many ads, lags a lot and crashes a lot, too. Lame.


When you die ad die again ad die again and agin and again ad ad ad ad ad win AD there is nothing you can do without getting an ad I can’t even play it less ads and it would be 4.5 stars for me


Everytime Im playing it kicks me out ? Even in the middle of a game to many adds

Level 100

Got to level 100 and I.t stopped working.


This is sooooo satisfying

Ads after purchasing “No Ads”

Don’t bother buying “No Ads” you will still see them like I do. Submitting my dispute after this review.


Too many ads, however I got rid of them with another app. Don’t buy it it’s really bad because of the stupid ads

Payed but still get pop up ads

I payed for this game but still get pop up ads that make the running of the game also and laggy causing me to not be able to control the game the way I can when there are no ads on screen. If a customer payed for a service... give them that service.

Ads are creeping back in...

It’s simple, I pay the $3 for the add free version. That means no ads. The developer can’t figure out how to take the button off the start screen. I shouldn’t see any indications that there is an ad free version. And now that start screen has these little ads that pop up until you start your level. Awesome game. Awful developer.

To many ads

Too many ads just take those off and it would be a 5 star game


The ads are ridiculous. The game is great but the ads make me turn my phone off because they come up so frequently.

Ads are trash

I payed to remove the ads so what do that do? Add more ads after the update. Devs are sketchy.

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