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I’m addicted

Maybe once a week I find myself playing this game for like 10 minutes straight saying “ok, just one more minute” it’s so fun! That said I do wish the level of difficulty would be added a bit quicker to each level. I’m on level 100+ and it still feels like I’m on level 1. Please make the levels more difficult!!!! (Or maybe make like a daily challenge level that would be really fun too!) :) Edited: also I have every “skin” except the one where it says I need to have unlocked 5 skins. That’s somewhat annoying since I already have them all. Please fix that🙏

It’s great. But a few changes

This game is fun! But heat after passing 40 different levels it still hasn’t gotten any harder and the fun color are getting a bit boring. I think trying your best to make each level a different color would be much better.

Helix Jump

This game is super fun! Sometimes it can be challenging. This game is super addicting! But what I really hate about it is all the ads! After every attempt, an ad pops up! Sometimes they even cover the content. But other than that I love this game! Just plz try to work on the ad problem. Trying to spread no hate, Lollipopcandy11

It’s so addictive!

I love this game so much! It’s really addicting, but there are so many ads.The ads are what annoy me the most. I’m currently on level 18, and there seems to be more ads then there were before.

I love it but there is a bug

It runs fine on anything other than the iPhone 5s with iOS 9.3.5 and a iPad mini 2 with iOS 9.3.5


This game is fun but it has more glitches than Penelope from Reck it Ralph

Love it

It’s so easy

To much

100 ads so annoying

Helix Jump

I love this game , it’s so addicting. The ONLY ANNOYING down fall is that it’s glitchy a lot . Are you guys going to fix this ?

Ok but

Ok app but m only problem is that there are too many ads and they are the same ones

Good game BUT....

But it tends to lag a lot


I got this yesterday and I am already obsessed! I love this app! If you see this and wondering if you should get it, I would say 100% yes!!! I love it!! 10/5!


This is the best game ever my mom and I are racing and I am winning

Ads ads and more ads

The amount of ads is ridiculous on this game

Started lagging

My game started lagging after this update. Great game just lagging now :)


I love this game but about the skins the last skins said unlock more than 5 skins and I unlocked more than 5 also when I looked at it I said 0/5 skins collected and I have all of the of the skins accept the last one.

Could be better

The app is amazing I just hate the ads, and I causes lots of glitches to my phone. It won't stop glitching, I know it's not my phone because when I deleted it, my phone was fine. Then I downloaded it again. More glitches.

I have an improving idea

What if when you die you do almost a mini game and if you pass the mini game, you get to continue but you get the option to do the mini game? Then, you get to do different tasks all in one game. That also keeps the game from getting repetitive! Although other than that, I love the game!! 🤩🤩💖😉

The actual game was pretty good

I thought the actual game was really great but I didn’t like all the adds. I know I could have bought add free but I just didn’t really want to.

Trashy game

You guys really need to work on ads

Ads too obtrusive

It’s impossible to even try this game without watching ads every few seconds!


Amazing app for everyone

Needs some fixing

Well I really like this game, but I think they need to fix some bugs, like when I open the game it freezes and I can’t control anything, sometimes there is ads that appear in half and I can’t press on the x button and I have to close the app, also when I press on the second chance button and the ad ends it just puts me on top of the little obstacle and I just watched an ad for nothing, and lastly I unlocked all skins, but one of them because it says unlock 5 skins and I already did and it shows 0/5.

To easy

To easy .Im on level 299


i love this game. But of course, there is some cons. It lags so much! it lags and i sometimes for a while. it’s annoying sometimes! ADDS. Almost every time I join the game, or every time i die, a add. It’s annoying. If you could get rid of all the lag and the adds, this would be an amazing game.


Helix jump is amazing like unlike other games it doesn’t have many adds but what could be better is like if their are missions or challenges but that’s all so bye

Great Game Only A Few Problems

This is such a fun game and I love it I’ve already reached level 200 and I absolutely love it! There are only a few problems I ran into the first one being that sometimes when you watch an ad to revive yourself you sometimes fall down to the level below and die if you could fix this it would make he experience so much better.Also I’ve found that when you decide not to watch the ad to revive you have to watch an ad anyway.


Fun for 0.5 sec then literally not worth the million 30 - 40 sec Long adds that come with it

Great game

This game is truly good but it needs to change it from 12+ to 4+ I don’t understand why it says 12+ but the game is truly good


It is a fun game. Ads are annoying.

This awesome game

To this may concern, Hello this is Alyssa i love this game I am on level 196 so I love it! And it just kills time and is fun! So thanks!!! Thank you! Alyssa Iannantuano.

Fun game

I like this game because is so fun and I like how this game gets harder love😛😛😛

Has to be harder

Fun but could use obstacle courses to easy



Helix Jump

The game is very fun but the last ball has a challenge, the challenge is too unlock 5 balls I already unlocked 11 balls but did not give me the last one and before that they said too play for 5 days straight i have been playing it for a whole 2 weeks straight and the same thing happened to my other friends.


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God Send




Lotta fun but...

Please make a color-blind mode green and yellow levels are the same color in my eye

I love it big please fix bug

Look I love this game but numbers keep on disappearing and reappering at random sizes

Addictive 😁

Can’t stop playing


the game is great, super addicting, super fun, i love it. however, i got over level 1,000 and for some reason, whenever i die, or go on the wrong color, it won’t let me watch an ad to have a second life. now, i purchased “no ads” like, two levels into the game, and i never had a problem with this. PLEASE HELP

Helix jump

l love helix jump I’m on level 50 already it’s really fun love it

My fav game! Unbelievably addictive

I absolutely LOVE this game. I think it’s one of those must haves for literally anyone. It’s extremely addictive and I find myself playing this game over and over again. It just pulls you in. Just that feeling when you fall through so much slots it’s so oh it’s fulfilling really. Clever, very simple to play, and just a plain ole good time. As far as my complaints, it’s little. Some people have complained about how they barely touched the platform and still lost. I don’t find this an issue however because I also thoroughly enjoy the irritating aspect of this game. When I lose it’s just like an ARGHH! Exactly like that. It just irritates me to the point where I want to keep playing. The only issue with the game that I have found is the ads. And I know I’m the millionth guy to say it but it’s darn true. The ads go for I would say five seconds but when you just broke 3000 points and lost because you accidentally swiped a lil too hard. That five seconds feels WAY too long. They get repetitive pretty fast. That being said I still am ENAMORED with this game and a huge fan. I have been playing this for the past few days and believe me IM NOT STOPPING NOW. Highly highly RECOMMEND. Give it a tap if you know what I mean. Thank you for this invention.

Happy but not happy

It’s a really fun game but way too many ads. For as much as iPhones cost it would be nice if it was a benefit just to play the games without all the ads.


I thought that there were to many adds


I like this gameplay

So Fun I ❤️ this app😃😄😁😀👍👍👍

WOW!!!! This game is so much FUN. Try to avoid those little color parts on the platforms. When you first get the app and you play it’s easy an relaxing. But if you keep going through those levels it gets more intense and harder. I’m level 101!!! I hardly right reviews but this one needed one it’s so good!!! Trust me this is so good!!!!! 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😀😀😃😃😄😄😄😄😁😁😁😁😆😆😆


I think helix jump is really fun! I like that there aren’t many adds!!!

This game needs less ads, but still is amazing

I love this game so much!! Ever since one of my friends introduced this to me, I’ve been playing it almost everyday. It really is a boredom boaster, because whenever I’m bored i play this game. It is very relaxing and fun. The only thing i hate about the app is the ads. Every minute or so an ad pops up. Its really annoying. Sometimes when i play the game i only play for 5 minutes due to the ads! But in the end, I was able to complete 11 levels in 15 minutes, so it isn’t that bad. Considering i was able to do that. The point is, Helix Jump definitely deserves 5 stars, but because of the ads, I could only give it four.

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